Pet Turf System

The Ultimate Pet Turf System provides is a mulit-component system that stands up to urine exposure and is easy to install, making it an affordable and effective solution for controlling pet odor and keeping your turf clean!

Base Preperation

Installing the base surface is critical to maintain the stability and integrity of the turf system. First layer is 2"-3" of Class 2 Road Base. Begin dumping pile after pile and spread evenly. Lightly water it thoroughly to allow it to settle while using a vibrating plate compactor. Ensure the base is firm throughout and is leveled. Second layer is 1/4" (quarter of an inch) of Decomposed Granite. Once again, water thoroughly and utilize the vibrating plate compactor once more to create a level smooth surface.

Drain Mat

The drain mat underlayment creates airspace between the turf and the base foundation.
The drain mat essentially channels the water and urine to flow naturally to the drains away from the base aggregate foundation.

Smart Pet with Microban®

Smart Pet Plus with Microban® is the ideal turf for pets. It's S-shaped blades is extruded with very precise ribbed texture on the surface of the blade, eliminating weak points in the fibeers creating unprecedented split resistance while making the blades soft to the touch. It features Luster Guard™ tehcnology. This new technology results in an extremely low luster and more natural looking grass while still maintaining complete ultra-violet stability.

Microban® odor control and antimicrobial agents are are integrated into the blades of the turf during the manufacturing process. This patented technology never washes off or wears away and stays active for the life of the product. By inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, Microban® tehcnology helps make cleaning even easier.


Smart Fill™ high quality infill is integrated with antimicrobial which helps control the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and odors. Its coaing process reduces the absorption of liquids and eliminates harmful dust found in silica sand. Its rounded shape is better for drainage adn reduces hardening. Smart Fill™ is non-toxic to pets and family and it improves the life of your turf.